It is vital that sport and recreation organisations protect their assets with adequate insurance.

Sport insurance policies are designed to cover amateur and professional players, clubs, groups and associations and organisations in the sports industry.

There are a number of different types of specialised sports insurance categories, including business insurance packages or sports clients, which reflect typical business insurance types, plus additional categories.

Player accident

Player accident policies cover amateur and professional sports players who may be injured while playing sport. The policy covers the players during the recognised competition time or during club approved training. Most sporting clubs require players to take out insurance policies, and the cost of the premium for these is covered at the time of player registration.

Prize indemnity and player bonus insurance

Prize indemnity insurance covers the policyholder for the value of an insured prize or a player bonus. Typical risks include golf hole-in-one, half-court basketball shot, soccer or rugby goal kicking and more. There is generally a limit, both for the maximum amount that can be claimed and the maximum amount for a single claim.


Cancellation insurance covers expenses that occur because of the cancellation, postponement, abandonment or relocation of an insured event, with the option to extend cover to include adverse weather.