Office insurance products are designed for the insurance needs of professional practices such as accountants, medical practitioners, legal professions, architects, engineers, information technology offices, travel agents, management consultants, employment agencies and businesses operating primarily in an office environment. The office insurance products we deal in include cover for property, public liability (legal liability), business interruption, money (loss or theft),  computer or electronic equipment breakdown, glass breakage, specified property (away from premises), machinery breakdown (air conditioning etc), employee dishonesty and tax investigation.

Property – This covers damage to buildings, contents and specified items caused by fire and perils, including accidental damage and loss due to theft up to your sum insured. It includes:

  • Accidental damage cover up to the total sum insured
  • Theft up to the total sum insured
  • Automatic cover up to $50,000 for 30 days from when you purchase contents, machinery or make building improvements
  • Landlord’s fixtures and fittings for tenants
  • Removal of debris up to the sum insured

Business interruption – The interruption to trading following a fire or other insured event can often have more serious financial implications for your business than the actual damage itself.  Business interruption covers the shortfall in your business income caused by the interruption to your business after an insured loss.  It includes:

  • Cover following a loss under money, glass, computer and general property sections
  • Interruption covered where damage has occurred to property away from your premises
  • Gross income or payroll should goods be damaged in transit within Australia

 Money – This covers money in transit or bank safe, on premises, whilst in a safe and in private residencies. It includes:

  • Damage to premises and safe
  • Replacement of locks and keys

Glass – This covers breakage of internal and external glass and signs. It includes:

  • Signwriting, replacing burglar alarm tapes, temporary boarding or replacing damaged window frames.

Public liability and Products liability – This covers your legal liability to pay compensation for personal injury or property damage. This can also include liability arising from product defects.  It includes:

  • Up to $100,000 for damage or loss of goods in your care, custody and control
  • Social clubs, canteens and sporting clubs that are part of your business

Employee dishonesty – This covers fraud or dishonesty by your employees. It includes:

  • Claims preparation fees
  • Agency personnel, losses caused by unidentified employees, superannuation funds, welfare, social and sporting clubs that are part of your business

Machinery, pressure vessels and goods in cold chambers – This covers damage to machinery from mechanical, electrical and electronic breakdown and goods in cold chambers against deterioration. It includes:

  • Increased cost of working cover
  • Seasonal increase for deterioration of goods

Computers and electronic equipment – This covers fire, theft, accidental damage, breakdown and business interruption cover for computers and electronic equipment. It includes:

  • Increased cost of working cover

General property – This cover is primarily designed for property (excluding stock) which is moved around, like tools or professional equipment.

Extensions available include:

  • Worldwide
  • Theft in open air
  • Theft without forcible entry
  • Accidental damage due to collision or overturing

Tax investigation – This covers costs incurred by your accountant or registered tax agent (after receiving notification from the Australian Tax Office) in conducting an audit or investigation in relation to your liability to pay tax. It includes:

  • All necessary costs up to the sum insured to comply with a tax audit