Home insurance (also called property or home building insurance) is essential if you own or are buying a home. This type of insurance can cover you for damage to your house or apartment and legal liability. Your lender usually requires you to have it if you have a home loan.

Most home insurance policies cover the main dwelling, garage and other outbuildings that can be locked up, home improvements at your site, and fixtures or items permanently attached or fixed to your home such as light fixtures and built in wardrobes.

Your home insurance policy may also cover other events that cause loss or damage, and may pay for costs such as rebuilding fees and temporary accommodation for home owners.

Many different types of home building insurance policies are available to suit a wide range of living circumstances. It’s important to think about your specific risks – for instance, you may live in a flood or cyclone-prone area, or near fire-prone bushland – and find a policy that covers the risks you wish to insure. Most policies cover storms, cyclones and bushfires, but not all insurers offer flood insurance.

Protect what’s closest to you

The insurance market is simply flooded with house, home and contents insurance products: instead of wading through the morass of quotes and policies on your own, why not tell your insurance partner what you want and let them find the right product for you?

RMA Insurance Brokers, unlike general insurers, we:

  • Find the right product at the right price
  • Offer a fast claim service with mostly immediate decisions
  • Manage claims on your behalf to get the best outcome
  • Review your policy annually for better coverage and premium savings

As part of the IBNA Cluster group the policy the coverage that is first class compared to other policies available in the Australian Insurance market.  We will be able to show and discuss with you the differences in coverage and the impact those gaps will have in the event of the claim.

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