Cyber Attacks and other cyber events are now some of the most common forms of losses faced by businesses.

Most businesses have insurance cover for fire. A cyber attack or event is akin to a digital fire and can have a similar impact to the operations of your business. Cyber attacks and data breaches are growing fast and increasing in severity.

The Australian Government estimates almost 700,000 businesses have experienced a cybercrime.  60% of these attacks were targeted at small to medium size businesses with the average cost of a cybercrime attack costing more than $275,000.

It doesn’t matter what the size of your business is. If you handle customer or transaction data, you run the risk that a data breach could lead to significant costs due to business interruption or others making claims against your business.


Cyber cover can protect you in 4 ways:

  • Losses to your business
  • Loss to others
  • Cyber event response costs
  • Contingent business interruption


Cyber insurance can cover you for the following events:

  • Privacy protection against third party claims for loss of employee/personal/corporate information
  •  Lost damaged or destroyed  IT systems, IT records and ITdata
  •  Business interruption caused by a cyber event that affects profits
  •  Liability arising from hacker attack or virus
  •  Protection against libel, slander or defamation
  •  Liability arising from hacker attack or virus
  •  Infringement of copyright, trademarks & trade names
  •  Breach of statutory duty from eCommerce Business
  •  Costs of negotiating, mediating due to an extortion attempt
  •  Fines and penalties incurred due to a privacy breach as well  cover for your defence and investigation costs
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DUAL Cyber Liability & Privacy Protection

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RMA IB - Cyber Declaration

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RMA IB - Cyber Flyer

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