With increasing numbers of Australians buying a caravan or motor home and taking to the open road, it is vital to ensure your vehicle, caravan, and your permanent home, have adequate insurance protection.

If you have a caravan, motorhome or recreational vehicle, you can purchase comprehensive mobile cover for your caravan for travel within Australia, or you can choose on-site insurance to cover your caravan while it is stationary at a nominated site.

Insurance will usually cover loss, accidental damage, theft and natural disaster (such as storm, hail and flood), and will also cover liability for legal expenses and compensation, in the case of an accident where you were the driver at fault and someone else was injured or suffered damage to their property. Your CTP insurance is different and will not cover these risks.

If you are planning an extended trip, contact RMA Insurance Brokers make sure that your home is covered while you are away. Some insurers may not cover your property if it is left unoccupied for a long time, typically more than two months so it is important you also speak to us about your House & contents policy.

RMA Insurance Brokers provide cover for your caravan anywhere in Australia against:

  • Storm, hail and flood
  • Accidental and malicious damage
  • Theft and attempted theft
  • Fire and explosion
  • Electrical motor burnout

RMA Insurance Brokers is well-versed in tailoring caravan insurance to a multitude of situations. The policies we use cover scenarios you have probably never thought of, such as:

  • Paid alternative accommodation during the loss of use of your caravan
  • Burnt out electrical motor cover for motors less than 10 years old
  • Transport costs to have your caravan returned home in the event of an accident more than 100km away
  • $10 million liability for damage to someone else’s property